Gazza Ladra


Created by designer Sunny Setton De Poortere, Gazza Ladra aims to create timeless objects of beauty infused lavishly from ancient symbology and myths across cultures. Gazza Ladra is a thieving magpie, attracted to all shiny objects. The bird is a benevolent spirit who leads those it loves to hidden gems.

Designed with a migratory spirit and a sense of endless gratitude for the cultures on this breathtaking planet, the collection embraces universal symbols of luck, truth, and wisdom to clothe the wearer in beautiful talismans, to be treasured for generations.

Gazza Ladra values creating pieces that are sturdy, practical for everyday, and bring about change. With every sale, a percentage of profits are distributed to the Plastic Pollution Coalition and Women for Women International.

Wear Gazza Ladra for protection, love, friendship, and hope. Wear the Jewels with Passion everyday as reminders of who you are and what you stand for.