Inspired by ancient Armenian embroidery traditions, yet modern in design, Mairik is committed to keeping ancient embroidery traditions alive. The rich needlepoint is distinguished by the detailed craftsmanship, as well as the unique designs, which consist of stylized plant or geometric motifs and polychromatic ornamentation. Each pattern is endowed with the symbolism of well-being and prosperity. 

Mairik was founded and tasked with reviving 2,000 year old craftsmanship techniques and adapting them to modern day trends. Embroidery practices on the verge of being lost to time have been brought to life again by Mairik. 

The kaftans and dresses are made of 100% linen.

Mairik, meaning “mother” in Armenian, is also committed to supporting women artisans. A percentage of sales are donated to charities that help young girls from low-income families receive an education.




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